Whistler Whistlestop.

Today’s adventure began with an early morning bus ride. The Epic Rides company has regular trips to Whistler in their really comfy buses.
The ride up to Whistler started in the dark, but once the sun was up the views were fabulous. I sat on the left of the bus, so saw all the islands that are off the coast of British Columbia. There was no wind, the water still and peaceful.
Climbing as we went, we reached Whistler in less than 2 hours.
My travelling buddies all headed for the snow immediately to ski and snowboard but I wandered through the gorgeous village of Whistler. Even for a non skier there is plenty to see.

The village has a real “alpine” vibe and is chocka full of eating and drinking choices, along with shopping options.
The village is divided into Village Centre, Upper Village and North Village.
You can also stop and have a pic at the Olympic Rings by Market Place.

After a long meander through the streets, I headed to the Gondola station. The ride up to the peak of Whistler takes 25 minutes and once at the top you have the option to jump across to another gondola, the Peak 2 Peak and ride to Blackcomb peak. That ride is only 10 mins and you don’t have to backtrack as you can take the gondola to the the bottom of Blackcomb, a true round trip.

The views are of course, birds eye. The weather started out really cloudy on the first gondola and I was excited that it was snowing at the Whistler peak. There were tons of skiers moving around so rather than risk being mowed over, I walked in the snow over to the next gondola, and a quick ride across the expanse between the two peaks, to Blackcomb.
The final ride was downhill and very peaceful. I was the only one in the gondola so the only sound was the moving of the cab.
When I returned to the village, it was even more alive, with loads of skiers breaking for lunch.
The bus ride home was pretty, peaceful and before long, I was back in downtown Vancouver.


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