Best Airline in the World …..

Space waitress in space seat …. sumptuous supper, brilliant brekkie, caring crew , iconic Inflight Entertainment …. and we are here . ✈️

Get to Alamo car hire , head to a kiosk, 15 minutes later …. computer says no 😜 head to a counter , get a real person and we are in the car park picking our car 🚗 An Alamo staffer spots us and says “are you twins? You look exactly the same ”

Lol lots …… whatever 

I spot a Fiat 500, always wanted to give one a go , so we did . We’ve just arrived at our hotel in Orange after navigating the 105 and the I5 👍
Heading to Hors d’oevre, will check in later 🇱🇷

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