Election Day in the US of A

Well we woke up in the town of Buffalo , had coffee and cereal and hit the road. We  drove with Elaine to the lovely town of East Aurora. Had brunch at a cafe called Taste , very eclectic, instead of numbers , we got celebrity names , I was given my fave … Ellen 😊❤️  There were board games to play while you await your choice of food. Very cool 👍

Elaine then took us to Vidlers, the original 5 and Dime. Don’t know if she realised how much we would love it  😝searching all the amazing aisles of stuff , finding all sorts of required items! Found some old retro stuff among new treasures,  had to drag ourselves away. Totally recommend if you are near this area ever 😁

Had a drink so we missed the peak hour traffic, before we headed back to Elaine’s. Elaine introduced us to the game “Apples to Apples” after dinner , very cool game 😊 

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