“Topless in NYC”

Today started with a drive into Manhattan in a BMW convertible, as you do 😜Kevin kindly let us use his car and as the day was perfect for it , we popped the top!

We made our way into One World Trade Centre and admired the amazing architecture that makes up the Freedom Tower, the views and the amazing lunch that we had on the 102nd floor. 

Sadly we left the views and headed down to ground level again. We found ourselves in the new Oculus Transport Centre and thought we were in Star Trek, these videos are for our favourite Trekkie …….G Man. 

​This transport hub is worth a visit , futurist and stunning .

Close by is the iconic Brooklyn Bridge , and as the sun was setting, we wandered over it. All the lights were starting to twinkle and the city became full of lights. We even had a photo with the NYPD. 

A first was achieved tonight ….. Chick-Fill-A for dinner lol

After this is was off to midtown, we had a date with the Radio City Rockettes, Christmas Spectacular. It was amazing , the precision was awe inspiring, the costumes divine, loved every minute ❤️It made it feel a bit more like Christmas 🎄 Really hard to describe and do it justice , photos not allowed so I’m not sure how I got these couple. !! Also the foyer of Radio City is beautiful. 

Anyway , thanks for reading , have a great night x

One thought on ““Topless in NYC”

  1. GMan November 13, 2016 / 10:31 am

    Wow great pics guys and thanks for the vid of that cool new Oculus Centre duly added to must- see list

    Geez that chandelier at Radio City entrance is massive!

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