“Greenwich Vibe to 5th Ave Fashion”

We began the day as commuters on the Metro-North line to Grand Central Station. If you know NY, you will know that the exit from the station is 42nd St. From there it was a walk down 5th Ave to Macy’s , stopped on the way at a cool little street food area called Broadway Bites, had a vegetarian Flatbread, sat in the sun and enjoyed a spot of people watching as the weather was really mild. 

After a quick stop in Macy’s we headed to the High Line and walked the 20 block (2.3 kms) walkway. It is such a great walk sitting at about 2nd story level, around  buildings and above streets. There used to be some amazing murals on this walk but they seem to have gone 😢

The High Line took us close to Greenwich so we wandered through the village and then to Washington Square Park. As we left the High Line ,we were unsure if we were heading in the right direction for the park , so on 3 occasions we asked locals if we were on the right track. All 3 said “mmmmmm, not really sure, I think it’s that way”. We spotted a lady and a kid on a bike , we knew she would know!  She  was the only one who was able to confidently give us directions .

After sitting in the park for a bit, we left and walked up 5th Ave again , this time from 9th St ALL the way to 45th St, how many blocks folks ?? 😜

On the way back up 5th, we stopped and admired Lord And Taylor’s beautiful window display , all ready for Santa 🎅 



I HAD to stop at Kate Spade ♠️ on 5th Ave and bought myself a Christmas gift 🎁😁

The train ride home didn’t take long as we chose the Express, like any good NY commuter would . Mexican and Margarita for dinner with our amazing hosts and it’s another day done in NYC🍎

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