Tears from Heaven …

LA cried today , an unusual occurrence, the locals couldn’t believe their eyes when the rain got heavy. We weren’t surprised as we wanted to cry too. We are definitely looking forward to seeing loved ones at home but sad that this wonderful adventure is almost over. As I write , we are in the wonderful Star Alliance Lounge waiting for our chariot ….. NZ 5!

We are talking about the last 3 weeks and there are a couple things I have missed out …. like ….. in Miami, Porsche are building an apartment tower that allows the owners to have a garage on their level, with a special lift to take your car up !!!!! Also in Miami, at a “Trump ” building, protesting was still going on.

We are still awaiting a seat on the flight so will have another bubbles and read some more of my book 📚😊

Thank you  to my beautiful sister for joining me on this adventure , more memories for us 😍

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