Route 90 to Buffalo:NY state🗽

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day !! Today we went to Yolk, once again a fabulous breakfast 🍳. Eggs, in case the name didn’t give it away, with toast and fresh 🍉 fruit. I must also mention that we have always had really friendly service in Chicago, not only at eating places, also in stores, the hotel  and the train ticket office.

We picked up the next Rental on our list , this one was twice the size of the Fiat but still only a Mazda 3 lol. We headed out of Chicago , sad to say goodbye , had such a great weekend , as did that whole  city with the Cubs winning the World Series, and the Rugby going on too. 

We hit the I 90 and followed that for hours and hours , stopping more than once to stretch and to hydrate. We passed through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania. The autumn ( fall ) colours were beautiful! Lots of farms and barns and silos and TONS of trucks on the road. Passed through lots of toll booths and I just didn’t get the knack of pulling up close on the left so had to practically climb out the window to get my ticket , 😂. 

I drove all the way and towards the end of the journey, wondered if I still had a right leg!! Had my Spotify playlist going and didn’t repeat one song in 10 1/2 hours. We hit our destination of Buffalo, New York, and before we got to Elaine’s house,  stopped off and picked up Buffalo wings with Blue Cheese dip …..demolished them in no time. What a long day , goodnight💤

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