Empire State of Mind

Well, out last full day in the Big Apple šŸŽ 

It seemed the city was crying too as it rained all day. We had a late start after an amazing breakfast cooked by John and Kevin. It would rate way up there with best breakfasts eating out. 

Waffles with cinnamon apples and rum spiced cream. Bacon that was cooked with brown sugar and black ground pepper !!! Amazing ! 

Did a bit of last minute shopping at White  Plains, adding to the already heavy cases !!! Oops šŸ˜œ

We had a new experience this evening, watching a šŸŽ„ movie, while eating šŸ• pizza and drinking wine at a table in front of the row of seats šŸ˜Š very cool, ordering at your seat and having it delivered. We saw “Arrival”, a thinking movie …..this was the venue 

We head to Miami tomorrow for some fun in the ā˜€ļø 

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