Guess I Now Know why the Geese Fly South! 

Had a great flight south on American Airlines. I took chocolates from NZ for the crew and they spoiled us ! So great to chat to them too. The weather was amazing, views of the countryside we flew over for the majority of the flight.

After landing in Miami, large airport by the way, we picked up the rental car that Kevin ordered. It was a Cadillac Escalade. Massive car , very roomy and luxurious. 

Great drive into the city, saw some great architecture, will take some photos of buildings tomorrow, for those that share my love of interesting buildings 😝

The best was yet to come however, when we checked into our  room and checked out our view ❤️

Spent the afternoon chilling on the balcony , soaking up the beach view.

Dinner time came around and we wandered along Collins Ave looking at the Art Deco Hotels , stunning ! Popped into Kevin’s favourite spot for dinner , Lure , Katherine and I had the Tempura Lobster roll. It was very good. The wander back along Ocean Drive was fun, lots of people out and about , lots of bars spilling out onto the footpath. It’s nearly midnight , eyes are closing so , once again, thanks for reading , goodnight 💤

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