Spicy Wahine 

Hahaha, bet you think I mean me, but no, the name of a drink I had in a bar with Polynesian / Japanese influences. The bar was rooftop on the “1” hotel , here in South Beach, last night. But I digress..

we started the day on the balcony , breakfast delivered , which was awesome.  Katherine and I then wandered up Collins St, assisted the local economy by purchasing “just a few” items. 😝😝. We wandered back along the boardwalk , people watching as we went. There were as many beautiful people as down and out people sadly 😢 The afternoon was spent beside the pool where the sun decided to spend the whole afternoon playing hide and seek with the ⛅️ clouds . Still relaxing 😎. 

We checked out the actual beach , fun fact: each hotel has an area in front of their hotel, set out with cabanas , deck chairs and beach tents. So it looks very organised and different from a Kiwi Beach. The sand is groomed and perfect.

Dinner was at the same hotel as the rooftop drinks , in a restaurant called “Beachcraft” run by Tom Colicchio, a celebrity chef. The whole hotel has a mission of organic and environmentally friendly goals, the pork belly and roasted mushrooms was amazing. 

Another evening in Miami over and still no vice 😉😝

One thought on “Spicy Wahine 

  1. GMan November 20, 2016 / 4:38 am

    You’ve really lined up some cool places to hang out 👍 that beach and resort are straight out of a movie..

    Liked by 1 person

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