Apple Mojitos

So the day began with breakfast on the terrace again, the granola and French toast both equally yummy. 

After breakfast we relocated to the pool again, more sun this time ☀️️

The day lent itself to a white wine sangria with Guacamole and corn chips, all poolside, before lunch lol. 

Speaking of lunch, we all shared a pitcher of Green Apple Frozen  Mojitos, 😋 delicious. The food part of lunch was Lobster Roll, this was just as good as the one we had in Boston, my new fave ❤️

After freshening up and dressing up, we were lucky enough to accompany John to drinks at a million $ plus penthouse apartment. I cannot describe the views as stunning seems understated. The decor was divine and every piece was beautiful. Two delightful dogs finished off the apartment. 

Dinner after drinks was at Bal Harbour, a restaurant called “The  Grill “. My Kale and Rotisserie chicken salad was really tasty and Katherine’s Crispy Buttermilk Chicken burger also got a 👍 thumbs up. Before the meal arrived we had “biscuits”, not as in cookies ! They are like a really light savoury scone and are so  good! I also have to mention that the ladies loo at this place deserved a special mention , best ladies loo I’ve seen. 

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