Greece … the word…..

Sooooo we cannot rave enough about the Novotel at LHR. Great sleep in a lovely room with 3 little beds in a row.

We woke about 4 am of course and filled in time chatting with NZ, until the coffee was brewed at reception.

After coffee we trundled our cases along the Bath Rd to the bus stop 5 minutes away and got the free bus to the airport to meet the other half of the team. Once we were 6, we headed to the coach to Gatwick.

After an hour through the countryside between airports we were at Gatwick and joining a ” holy moly ” queue to check in.

Boarding passes issues and suitcases checked and we were off to the gate, but not before I was embarrassingly stopped by Avsec with a perfume I had forgotten to put in my LAGS😐 The guy was lovely, funny and sent me on my way.

We flew Thomas Cook airlines on an Airbus A 321. The crew were friendly, while at times a bit lacksidasical.

Landing into Skiathos and seeing the runway, water at both ends, reminded me of landing in Wellington. It was a short runway and handled well by our flight crew. We were bused to the terminal ( really just a shed ) and then picked up and dropped at Pension Eliza. Really happy with the accommodation, views from the balcony and plenty of space.

We soon headed out and made our way down cobblestone streets to a local place to eat … Taverna Cuba. What a setting …… outside tables, 2 beautiful bougainvillea trees and pretty lights.

We started with Ouzo and I had forgotten how good (and strong πŸ˜‚) it is.

I chose fried zucchini, tzatziki and sardines. The sardines were fresh, whole and delicious and I wasn’t the only one who ate them. I’ll let you guess from the photos who shared my sardines. πŸ˜‚

The waiter was incredible and eager to learn what 6 ladies were up to on this trip. That conversation led to quite a few laughs.

After dinner we wandered further down the cobblestone road, just like Dorothy, and found cute allies, friendly people and more cats. I stopped in at a local ice cream/ bakery and bought a Praline chocolate mousse which was a little bit of heaven.

We found the port and the place our ferry leaves from and headed back to the villa for some sleep. Stopping at a little store to buy water, we noticed he sold coffee and asked what time he would be open in the morning. After a wee chat, he gave us a bag of coffee to take with us ….. for free !!! What a place, friendly, beautiful and ……. cats ❀️

Night xx

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