Who’s Gonna Drive you Home ?

The morning began as usual with us all making our way upstairs to the lounge, one by one. After casual coffee and toast, we had a rental car delivered and after signing my life away, we packed up the 7 seater and off we went. The first few minutes of driving was a bit hairy on the narrow roads, but I soon got the feel of it. The road to Skopelos was windy and up and down, but the views out to the sea….. stunning!

We had brunch in Skopelos at another little family run place. I chose the crab patties and they were fantastic. All the other meals were also fresh, tasty and enjoyed thoroughly. The owner was lovely and gave us a piece of cheesecake each for dessert, on the house. Every where we have been, we have been treated so well and given little “gifts” whether it’s food or trinkets with our shopping.

We wandered again through cobbled streets, looking at the shops and chatting to locals. The port is lovely and while we were there, 3 ferries came and went. As has become the norm, we photographed the church windows.

We decided to get back on the road and off we went to Kastani beach. This beach was used in the Mama Mia movie. The clearness of the water took our breath away, as did the local builders working on a cafe on the beach. Hahaha, they kinda liked us too!

We spent the afternoon enjoying the quiet beach, congratulating ourselves for being there off season and having the whole beach to choose from.

Heck! What a great day 🙂 We finished the day off at the villa where Camp Mother made the best spaghetti and vegetables in tomato sauce.

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