Skopelos …. take 2…… action

After a beautiful breakfast of French Toast prepared by Camp Mother and her helper, we climbed into the Opel mobile and we were off to take Skopelos town by storm again. Although we had driven this road before, we took a slight wrong turn. It was one of those times when a wrong turn brought an unexpected delight. We carried on down a beautiful country lane which had 3 lovely old churches one after the other. We made the call to stop at one of them to take photos, when 2 elderly men stopped their gardening and came towards us. They had lovely wild flowers in their hands and gave the bunches to us. A marriage proposal to one of us provided a photo opportunity. The church was about 200 years old, with beautiful blue plates embedded in the walls.

We picked the right road and made it back to Skopelos, first stop ice cream. There is a row of cafes/tavernas on the waterfront and they are so pretty, and inviting. We found a little coffee shop called “The Little Coffee Shop” haha and stopped for a Latte. We have found the coffee to be good everywhere, whether it’s filter, traditional, or Latte.

The shops kept beckoning as they were all so quaint, welcoming and full of gorgeous things. There is lots of linen, dresses, shirts and pants, all amazing colours to match the colours of the villages we are seeing. We dragged ourselves out of Skopelos and to Panormos beach, and lazed under thatch umbrellas while paddling in clear waters yet again. The clarity is amazing, all fish and stones visible right to the bottom. Panormos was our 3rd beach visit and none of them have disappointed. We came for beautiful beaches and we got them.

The driving is becoming second nature, the turns and hairpins all taken in our stride, the most challenging part is the last drive up to our villa, has to be taken in 1st gear, sometimes with the passengers out, to allow a good run up, as the gradient is high.

A visit to the favourite bakery, and a purchase of a slice of amazing chocolate cake, 2 million calories …….

so with that and lots of driving today, we decided to walk Glossa village, and see all the little alleys and lanes that we haven’t explored yet. Being welcomed by the locals at every turn and discovering beautiful doors and windows, was strangely calming. It was totally worth the 253 steps back up to the villa.

This is not a hugely touristy village so we are a bit of a rarity. Anyone we happened to meet on previous walks, treats us like long lost friends. The views to the port and other islands are all spectacular from this village……talk about million dollar views.

After chatting with many locals, we can confirm that living to 90 plus in that village does not mean you don’t do the stairs anymore. They do them every day which is why they are 90 plus 🙂 You can’t get anywhere in Glossa without navigating stairs. The Central Square is the focal point and the meeting area each evening. We even met some sheep wandering the village ….

The evening was finished off by watching Mama Mia, as you do, haha. We were able to pick out many of the places we had seen over the last few days. To say the scenery is stunning just doesn’t cut it.

2 more days ………… 😦

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