Yasu :(

Another stunner of a day, the only sad thing, we were leaving this idyllic island. We could not leave without a last wander through the gorgeous, quaint cobbled streets of Glossa. As I’ve said before, the windows and doors, the colours, the people have blown us away.

This morning was no different, in fact, we found a couple of gorgeous gift shops that we had not seen before. We were happy to make a couple purchases and add to the economy of this welcoming village. We carried on to our favourite bakery and coffee place and after brekkie there, said a sad goodbye to the lady owner and the coffee maker man.

As a parting gift the lady gave us each a pretty bag of home baked sweets. We have been so lucky here, always given a little gift with purchase or a complimentary sweet with dinner.

As we wandered back up the hill to the villa, we passed the supermarket where we had come to know the grocer and he wandered out to say goodbye. It was becoming real and we all had the same thought….. can we stay ?

The villa had to be tidied and rubbish disposed of.

We had that underway when our neighbour popped in with a gift each, her hand painted stones, these ones had our names on each one. Beautiful. She bought the latest addition to her tribe, the tiny puppy that had been dumped, so naturally more cuddles were had and as a treat she was given the last of the ham, and no other dogs in sight to have to share it with.

The villa manager came to collect the keys and apparently we have been the talk of the village since the day we arrived …. “the 6 ladies” 🙂

The rubbish was dumped and the car packed.

We all piled in and slowly drove down to the port. Along the way, many of our new friends were spotted and waved their goodbyes. I feel we have made a bit of an impact on this lovely island as much as it has on us.

The ferry arrived and back to Skiathos we went, and only a couple of hours later we were on a plane to Gatwick. It was a quiet flight back for us all, as we became lost in our own thoughts and memories of a perfect holiday.

A late night train trip, a taxi ride and we were at our Dormitory. A 6 bunk room above a pub on the Edgeware Rd. Checked in, selected bunks, 2 of us climbing up to the top bunk of 3, and goodnight.

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