The Tale of 3 Towers.

It was a team effort this morning for the sunrise, and once again, an amazing sight. Talk about lucky to be alive. That ball of light comes up so quickly but the first few minutes are stunning!

Coffees on the deck done, we decided to do a walk to a local church. The track was as expected for this island…. up and down, and along the way, beautiful views, plants and friendly locals. The church was at the end of a tiny road, looking over the sea and surrounded by a couple of tall swaying trees and the experience was almost spiritual.

The church had beautiful artefacts inside and although tiny, was beautiful.

After the church visit, it was time to revisit our new local coffee shop, for our daily fix of “real” coffee. As we wandered down the road, a man on a scooter passed us with millimeters to spare. As I side stepped the bike, I noticed his load, number 8 wire and a headline flashed through my mind…….”Kiwi Taken out by Number 8 Wire!” Hahahahaha.

We were greeted like long lost friends at the coffee place and today’s treat was a homemade donut that melted in the mouth.

As we were enjoying our cup of jo, a local man with his donkeys came by. This caused screams of delight from us and the lovely man stopped so that we could take photos and pat the donkeys. This place just delights us every day.

Our neighbour at the villa, rescues dogs and cats, and although it can be a little noisy at time, we absolutely support what she does and love chatting to her. She paints beautiful rocks to sell and assist with money to feed the dogs and cats, so we all purchased one. This morning as passed her villa, she popped out and had a wee puppy in her arms that someone had dumped! Needless to say, a cuddle of said puppy was in order. This lovely lady has organised us a car to hire for a few days, so we can get to all the hard to get spots.

It was beauty spa afternoon at the pool, sunshine, face packs, hair conditioner and 70s music….. bliss.

We grabbed the late afternoon ferry to Skiathos, as we loved the island on our brief visit and decided to explore it more. As the ferry approached Skiathos, we saw the runway and realised how short it is! Well done pilot!

The alley ways and cobbled paths led to all sorts of quaint shops, some catering to tourists and some with amazing clothes and homewares. I bought a beautiful plate that will remind me of Greece each time it is put on the table. Along with a few other purchases, we also wandered up a few stairs to a bell tower with views over all the house roofs. Now….. we saw a beautifully lit up tower when we were at our pension on the first night and planned to explore it…… was this it? No, but it was lovely to wander around this bell tower, and we noticed a wee box that a cat was eating from and it warmed our hearts to think that all the cats that we see wandering, are at least being cared for in some capacity. We were told on our first night that the locals live “in nature” with the cats and dogs on the island. There are MANY, and as alien as it to us that they don’t have owners, it seems they are tolerated at the least and cared for at the most.

After having a snack at our other “local”, the 7 Sins, we wandered in a new direction and found a church square that was filled with kids and families and bikes and fun. Was this the lovely lit tower we saw the first night? We all decided it was and breathed it all in. It was lovely to feel the family atmosphere, 9 pm at night and the kids were not on electronic devices, they were outside in the fresh air. The evening was balmy, the views beautiful and the company fabulous. As we left that lovely church square and lit up tower, feeling like conquerors as we had found the “light”, we went a little further onto the Old Port and looked up to the horizon. What did we see?…… the lit up tower …… it kept moving and we still hadn’t found it……… next time !

The ferry home was fashionably late, as we have come to realise is usual, so the heads were nodding off on the trip home. Taxi ride up the hill to Villa Pasifika, and bed ……zzzz.

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