Mama Mia, here we go again.

Breakfast this morning was had at a cafe in Glossa village. The power was out at the villa and also in the village, but the lady owner made us coffee, Greek, traditional method over a little gas stove. The coffee was great and the baked goods along with it, yummy. Kourabiedes biscuits were so good and very traditional. As we sat outside at the tables we watched the elderly locals, coming and going from church. We chatted ( kind of ) to many of them and were totally impressed with the age and agility. This village has steps ( many) and they take them in their stride, no wonder they live to ripe old ages. One of the men was 95. Again, we chatted to a man who had been in the navy and been to the Pacific many years ago. It seems the whole elderly male contingent of this island was in the navy.

After breakfast we jumped back in the Opel mobile and headed to St Johns chapel at Agios Ioannis. Now, prepare yourself, this is the church high up on a rock, used in the Mama Mia movie. 200 steps up the rock path found us at the top and although my first words at the top were ….. “stuff walking up here to get married”, it was STUNNING. My words will not do it justice so I shall say, we were loathe to leave the place and trek back down. Before we did though, we lit some candles and prayed for friends and loved ones.

Trek back down we did and planted ourselves on the beach at the bottom of that rock, Kastri Beach. For at least an hour, there was no one else on that beach and we loved it.

The water was so clear, we could see all the rocks on the bottom, and some random feet (lol) and any little fishes that decided to join our party. A local lady joined us with her pretty dog called Wilma ( the dog that is ) and she swam out to join us in the water.

We dragged ourselves away from that beach to head back to the villa and plan dinner. The drive back was a little hair raising for some in our party, as we needed to keep to our right, even though the drop to the right was ……. a long way down…… and there were no barriers like other PC countries. We have become quite used to hills, narrow roads and scooters. I have enjoyed driving here, but I’m not so sure about my passengers hahahaha.

Thanks for reading xx

2 thoughts on “Mama Mia, here we go again.

  1. Sherievon May 21, 2018 / 7:32 pm

    Magic, Deb – Greece was alway on my bucket list bit it’s rising to to the top now. X


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