Pets, Pressing and Perfection…

Our last full day dawned and we contemplated how to spend our last hours on this stunning island. We began wandering down the road to our coffee/ bakery place, Utopia. As we passed the gate of our lovely neighbour who rescues dogs and cats, she popped out for a chat and told us to stop in on our way back. The walk down to the bakery was pretty as usual and the coffee and cakes delicious. This is such a great spot to chat with locals and tourists as many people gather here in the morning. We also carried on down to the port to walk around the point, a new place to explore. The water was a little wilder at this point and uninhabited.

On our way back we stopped at our lovely neighbours and met many of the beautiful rescue animals. We surprised her with the gift of 2 bags of cat/ dog food, as we are all in awe of what she does for these gorgeous wee orphan animals, with no funding to speak of, just the goodness of her heart.

We dragged ourselves away from these darlings and hopped back into the Opel mobile to get gas, and visited a local family run Olive Oil Company and saw the pressing process. I could bore you with a few facts but one will do, Greece is the 3rd largest olive oil producer.

Sadly, we planned our last afternoon at the pool. Each time we have been at the pool, we have been provided entertainment by a group of swallows who seem to play a game of …… who goes the lowest…… hahaha. 7 million videos were taken before I got this !! Cheeky little things seemed to know the camera was on them, and it was difficult to catch them in action.

The evening had already been planned, so we began the preparation to join the locals at Central Square, for dinner and music at Utopia. As it was the Royal Wedding day, we dressed in white and had our own wee photo shoot before dinner.

Central Square looked amazing, they have tidied up this week ready for the summer season, and it was a beautiful setting.

Our meals were all delicious, fresh and tasty, squid, vegetable fritters, fried egg plant, mousaka, and pork. All accompanied by local wines which we have enjoyed. Our waitress was lovely and wanted to marry one of our sons and come with us. We had a great night, saw people we have met during the week and were once again treated like friends. The music had us swaying all evening and eventually 2 brave girls succumbed and danced to Zorba the Greek.

We had one local dodgy dude who crashed our photo shoot at the restaurant and the waitress had to tell him in Greek….enough is enough……over friendly, if you get my meaning lol.

As we wandered back to the villa, after dinner, feeling more than a little satisfied, we were grateful for the steps that gave us a little more exercise to wear off some of the amazing food.

Off to bed, last sleep in our villa x

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