Time to San Die…..Go

The Greek islands are becoming a memory, a pretty, blue water, welcoming village memory.

I have been in San Diego for a few days now and although I’ve seen a bit, there is still much more for another time.

The eating out choices are phenomenal. I have tried Mexican, French, and Farmers type freshness. None disappointed. The area I stayed in was Hillcrest and it gave off a really cool village vibe with many choices in Great cafes.

Wandering around Balboa Park was stunning. Home to 16 museums and numerous gardens, as well as the zoo, I did not see it all, so will need to plan a return visit. The rose gardens were absolutely beautiful with hundreds of colours and some amazing scents. Adjoining the rose garden is the cactus collection and while it can’t compete on beauty, it was equally interesting.

The park also houses a globe theatre which is the venue for Shakespeare plays and looks like it belongs in England. It even has a pub 🙂

Lots of very cool architecture is shown in all the buildings that house museums and in the California Tower, which was built for a World Fair in 1915.

The Navy has a commanding presence in San Diego and is home to an aircraft carrier called the Midway which is now a museum and is an awesome sight. How do those things float ??

Beside the Midway is a statue, that is a tribute to the famous V Day print that shows a kiss between a sailor and a nurse in Times Square in 1945. A favourite print of mine, I loved the statue and it was huge!

The Coronado Bridge leads you to Coronado beach. The beach is lovely and that’s not just my opinion, but shared by a family of squirrels living amongst the rocks at the edge of the sand.

The beach is also home to a stunning landmark, the Coronado Hotel, which opened in 1888.

This was the last stop on this trip, and has been fun.

Until next time …..

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