That Donut though !

I was in LA the other day and a friend and I took advantage of a lovely sunny day and drove to Huntington Beach for lunch.

We decided on a place on the pacific coast highway called Simmzy’s Pub. It was buzzy, friendly and had a great looking menu.

We chose to sit on the terrace and overlooked the beach across the road. The beach wasn’t too busy and it looked stunning.

Simmzy’s has brilliant beer selections but we stuck with a fave….. Italian Pinot Grigio.

Choosing what to eat wasn’t easy as it all sounded delicious. In the end it was a salad for each of us. I chose a prawn and citrus salad with pepitos and a wicked dressing.

However…… it’s dessert that will blow your socks off. A donut filled with apples and cinnamon with salted caramel sauce and vanilla bean ice cream. A few pistachios and you have a masterpiece.

We shared it, needless to say!

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