Cable Car Bliss and Buddha.

What to do if you have 30 hours in Hong Kong…..

Jump on the subway to Tung Chung station on Lantau Island and begin a very peaceful few hours.

The train was easy to sort as the subway map shows all the interchanges.

As I left Tung Chung station, I looked up and there were the cable cars suspended in front of me, beginning their 5 km journey to Buddha. I crossed the road, headed up the escalator to the ticket booth. I had been advised to purchase the “crystal car” (glass bottom) for 2 reasons…… the view of course, but also because the line for this car is much quicker 🙂

I waited no more than 2 mins for my crystal car and then there it was. I jumped in, excited to see what was before me and as soon as we left the confines of the cable car station, ………..

The journey to the giant Buddha is a 5 km cable car ride , or a 3 hour hike. The hiking path was often visible beneath us and looked to be in good condition, so I would try this on another occasion, if I had time.

As we passed over the island, there were amazing views of Hong Kong airport, a dream for any aircraft geeks out there and I spotted a fave in the distance with her distinctive livery.

The ride was so peaceful with just the sounds of the cable and the wind, the island laid out below and beyond……

As the cable car neared the spot where we would disembark, I started to get glimpses of the reason for my visit………

The day was beautiful and I was excited to leave the cable car and head to the giant Buddha. There was of course, a small touristy area to walk through on the way to the Buddha, with eating places and shopping and something I found kind of disturbing…….Starbucks

There were also cattle wandering and eating, not at all bothered by the people. I later researched about the cows, and it’s actually quite a sad story, which I won’t share here. Like me, other animal lovers will find it frustrating that as humans we are once again not doing enough.

So after wandering through the wee “village” I came upon the steps to climb to get to my destination. I didn’t count exactly but there were just over 200 steps. Although it’s a steep climb, it is a fairly easy climb as there were landing pads after every 12 or so steps where you could catch your breath, take a photo, before continuing.

The views from the top are 360 degrees as advertised and it’s a stunning place to wander, enjoy Buddha and just “be”.

The return journey on the cable car was just as breathtaking and it was all too soon that I was back in the throngs of Hong Kong on a subway! This was a lovely way to spend an afternoon and I would recommend a visit.

2 thoughts on “Cable Car Bliss and Buddha.

  1. mukiwiblog September 7, 2018 / 6:49 am

    Another great piece – interesting symbol on the Bhudda’s chest goes to show how another culture owned it long before another one made it infamous …


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