Waco, Way Cool

You don’t have to be a “Fixer Upper” fan to love Waco, but that is what took us there. The drive from Houston was pretty easy, a couple pretty towns to pass through but we didn’t stop.

When we arrived in Waco and the GPS took us to the address we plugged in, we spotted THE Silos and excitement like Christmas ensued.

The area is so well planned and thought out. A central area with grass and bean bags would, I imagine, be well used in summer. There were a variety of food trucks around the perimeter which added some colour and interest around the edge. The seed shop with its gardens out front, was absolutely gorgeous. As I wandered, I was filled with inspiration for my wee garden at home.

Magnolia Market had us wandering for quite a wee while. The goods in that store were lovely, sometimes taking you back to simple days, simple cooking and family kitchens. You could buy table ware, baking and cooking items, traditional and modern, small shelving, artwork, clothing and books. Purchases made, we headed to the bakery …….. well the minute you stepped inside this little shop, the smells were heaven. Choosing a cupcake flavour took a while but I ended up choosing two of Jo’s traditional ones and they did not disappoint……..DELICIOUS.

For lunch we headed to Magnolia Table. Once we spotted this, as we drove around the roundabout, more squealing ensued, as on the show, we had watched this space transformed from an old derelict restaurant into what it is today. It had been an icon in Waco, back in the day, called “Elite” and Chip and Jo took on the task of restoring to even better than former glory.

Walking in the door to a space we had only seen on TV was very very cool.

The food was awesome all round but my two faves, a peppermint mocha and Jo’s biscuits with strawberry butter. The biscuits were so fresh, and light and the butter just the right amount of flavour. The staff did Chip and Jo proud and were awesome.

We didn’t have a lot of time in Waco so we headed to an antique store, as Waco is famous for antiques. We found a couple treasures to bring home, and then headed to the river to see the metal cattle and the very pretty bridges. With the sun starting to set, the light on the bridges and the cattle was captivating.

This awesome day was finished off with a stop on the way back in the town of Hearne, more precisely to Penny’s Diner. This was a treat. A retro diner with amazing basic food and the best waitress we could ask for ……Sylvia. Totally recommend a stop here.

Sylvia sat at our table, we were lucky as it wasn’t busy, asked us about our choices and where she could, she customised our requests, one of us a vegetarian and the others not too hungry. Such great service and customer care.

Waco is worth a visit even if you don’t love Chip and Jo like we do 🙂


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