Sitting on the Surfliner

Yesterday and today I rode the train from

Anaheim to San Diego and back. The train is named the Surfliner and wherever it can, it hugs the coast. Some of the views from the train are gorgeous, beaches, coastal towns and surfers waiting patiently for the next wave.

One of the cutest places was San Juan Capistrano, the area around the train stop had a multitude of little coffee places which all looked rustic and boho.

Wish the stop was longer.

The trip takes about 2 hours and if you have the time, the train beats flying. No hassles with security, no crowds and you can sit in the cafe car and still see the views. Train rides have that calming feel as you take in the view, you are rocked into peace and quiet.

Anaheim station is very nice, futuristic and clean, however it is sadly lacking in places to buy refreshments. Maybe that’s planned for the future as it is brand spanking new.

It’s been a great trip, hope you like the pics 🙂

One thought on “Sitting on the Surfliner

  1. Sherievon March 28, 2019 / 12:02 am

    Thanks for sharing Deb it looks great!


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