Galveston oh Galveston….

Galveston was only just waking up from winter and preparing for summer when we visited but you could tell it would be a fun place once the crowds came back and all the shops and restaurants opened up again.

The main attraction on the Seawall was Pleasure Pier, with a selection of rides, games and eating places. Even though the pier had not opened for summer, Bubba Gump Shrimp, a staple of every pier across America, was ready to feed the hordes.

We chose a local IHOP instead and sat at a booth looking out at the Gulf of Mexico.

It’s quite a stunning length of coastline, and we were able to drive from West beach to East Beach and compare the holiday homes along the way. West beach was prettier with its brightly coloured wooden homes on stilts.

Most of these were right on the beach front and although the water was a bit dirty looking today, these houses would enjoy the best views all summer.

East beach was more built up, literally, with rows of condominiums.

Galveston Historic Downtown was worth the visit. An area called the Strand had many old buildings that had been saved from destruction and restored beautifully, now housing shops, restaurants and apartments. It wasn’t too busy as this area was also only just getting into peak season mode.

Galveston is only an hour and a half from Houston and was an easy drive.

I’d like to visit agin when she is wide awake 😊

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