Shine Bright like a Jewel…

The Jewel at SIngapore’s Changi Airport is amazing. You don’t need to be airside to visit the Jewel, as it’s accessible without checking in.

This place is 10 stories high and houses the biggest indoor waterfall in the world.

The water, of course, is recirculated, totally sustainable.

As you make your way into the Jewel, you become aware of the sound of fast moving water, before you actually see the mist and the beautiful sight of the waterfall.

Not only is there a huge waterfall, there is shopping and eating places that would keep you busy for a couple of days.

The best place though is the Canopy walk and gardens. You can wander and wander, kids can slide and bounce or sit in foggy hollows.

The gardens are spectacular with colour, greenery and stunning topiaries.

As you wander through the serenity, you also spot many places to just chill out, making this the perfect airport for a layover. There is no better airport.

The Jewel, have a Sparkling time…..

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