Blow baby blow….

If you enjoy feeling the force of Mother Nature and being awed by her skills, take a wee wander along the Nusa Dua boardwalk to the very end.

Along the way, the view is a patchwork of high end hotels and their beachfronts. These beaches are not beautiful compared to many I’ve seen in the world, but all are set up to enjoy 100% relaxation or the most amazing wedding settings. The beachfront pools are all stunning and all offer a slightly different poolside experience. Friendly Balinese staff wish you Good Morning and invite you in. I didn’t succumb as I was on my way to the mighty blow hole.

The 45 ( or so) minute walk also allows for a spot of retail therapy. Scattered here and there are makeshift stalls selling local items, colourful Bali pants, Bali bags and of course the obligatory Bintang singlet.

I did digress a wee bit as I can’t resist those beautiful Bali bags.

If you feel you must eat or drink along the way, you won’t be disappointed in the choice of places available.

Once you enter the Nusa Dua Park area, head to the water line. They have recently added turnstiles here and I can only guess that there will be a viewing charge in the future, so get there soon.

The purpose built wooden path leads you to the place with optimum viewing opportunities, but all along that path, the force of the water gushing through the rocks can be seen. Each mighty pound of waves is accompanied by the spectators ooooohhhhhh. It’s a great spot to feel the magic of our earth and experience the connection of awe in its inhabitants.

One thought on “Blow baby blow….

  1. mukiwiblog August 7, 2019 / 7:22 pm

    Great videos – love nature’s power wind. waves, volcanoes


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