Heading for a Lockdown….

So normally I regale you all with stories of my travels to exotic places with fantastic things to see. Well all my travels just now are to grab a bunch of kiwis and get them home. No sightseeing, no adventures, so I’m stuck with sharing day to day dramas. Every day will not be spent at home, as much as I would prefer that, some days will be spent flying. Not many though.

Today was an “at home” day….. quick trip to supermarket and animates to ensure we have a couple days food for me and for the three moggies.

That job was completed successfully, along with managing to side step an elderly gentleman in the supermarket who decided we should have a conversation. No way dude! I was backing away, wheeling my trolley thinking “where have you been old man ?” Watch the news. You should not be talking to strangers and risking your life !

Back in the safety of my place and no risk of unwanted conversation, I rolled the yoga mat out and began a bit of light exercise ……. please see look on cats face as he witnessed this, not impressed I feel. I was a little impressed with myself, as it wasn’t the same as having all my gym mates there suffering beside me, but I managed a Les Mills CX class.

Watching the address from our PM was both riveting and sobering. This is our reality for as along as it takes. We NEED to do this. Getting outside seemed like a good idea and it was, as there were still some passion fruit to pick. 😊

I can’t actually account for the whole day, so I’ve gotta get better at being productive. Flying tomorrow bringing kiwis home again. Stay safe NZ, and if you are not in essential services, Stay home! Talk soon.

5 thoughts on “Heading for a Lockdown….

  1. Sherievon March 24, 2020 / 8:41 am

    Thanks for being one of the brave Air NZers working to bring others home safely- such an admirable and unselfish act Deb – stay safe xx


  2. Christine March 24, 2020 / 11:37 am

    Keep safe Deb xx


  3. Christine March 24, 2020 / 11:37 am

    Keep safe Deb xx


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