Ise ise isolation.

So weird isn’t it ? To not leave your house at all. The morning was fab, drank heaps of coffee, did my homework ( distance learning ). By lunchtime I had “Phoned a friend” or two! And solved a couple problems that won’t help the world but needed sorting anyway.

Found a bear to pop in the window for the passing kids to spot.

Watched the PM deliver another address. She is so great that I bet the US of A are jealous we have her and they have…..well you know what they have.

Trying to keep the exercise up, thanks to my gym for the On Demand classes. Once again there was the same guy watching me.

Two rather sad bananas kept looking at me every time I opened the pantry so by 4 o’clock they were turned into a banana loaf.

1 down 27 to go ……

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