Am I getting it Right?

Wow! There are so many decisions to make as the build goes along. As I said, I had perused every piece of media I could find. One thing I learn’t quickly though was that your tiny is made for you, at least by my builders it is. Every inch of Lil Pad was designed, decided upon and set out for me! I had to become very aware of how I live, cook, want to clean, sleep, work, relax, interact with my cats, what do we do when my friends come over, who comes to stay.

This was so exciting. I cannot afford to build a dream home as such, but this tiny house is my dream home because I know how I came to make a decision on every nook and cranny.

So….. I love baths. “You can’t have a bath in a tiny house” someone may have said. Well, yep you can and I am. My bath is not huge but its deep, and has a shower over it. This leads me to another story….as I was deciding on fittings, I knew I didn’t want chrome or black, nothing against these, but as I said, you build your tiny for YOU. Anyway I wanted gold bathroom fittings and found quite a few BUT couldn’t find a gold shower curtain rod that didn’t cost half the earth. A fabulous friend, who is a panelbeater popped it through the spray shop and I now have a gold shower curtain rod. Lovely.

The kitchen is a tough decision. I had already decided on a kind of modern take on shaker style for the cupboard fronts and I had a gorgeous retro style fridge in the wings, so what to do for the splashback and bench top? Wait for it …actually no, I will save that for another update. Today you can see the lounge with lovely high windows as well as a low opening window, the bath, kitchen fronts, upstairs and back door.

One thought on “Am I getting it Right?

  1. Shelley March 11, 2023 / 8:21 pm

    This must be so exciting for yiu. Are yiu going to share where your Lil Pad is situated? Are you still flying?


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