Going Tiny

What did COVID lockdowns mean to you? and did they change you in any way?

I decided I wanted to live more simply, so I started to talk to an amazing couple who build Tiny Houses. This was all done online to start with. I had watched every You Tube video, every HGTV episode, with tiny houses, every Tiny House Nation episode, every Living BIg in a Tiny House video, and I knew I wanted to “go tiny”.

After my chat with the owners of Cocoon Tiny Homes in 2021 during a lockdown, I started doodling, planning, measuring, collected pics, collected colours, until I had a bit of a plan on paper. This plan was just the start. Many times it changed, it evolved and I evolved too. I had already started to decide on what was coming with me, belongings wise and what wasn’t. Did you know that we really can do with a lot less than we usually hold onto?

I put the deposit down and I was on my way to “going tiny”. There were some hiccups along the way with selling the townhouse and financing a tiny. This is the boring bit so on we go to the first time I saw my tiny in the factory with my name stamped on the metal frame. I was in love with “Lil Pad”

One thought on “Going Tiny

  1. Shelley March 11, 2023 / 8:17 pm

    Hi Deb – Iā€™m looking forward to following this journey! Thanks for sharing! šŸ˜˜


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