A Little bit like Alice down the Rabbit Hole ….

My last post said 7 sleeps! It wasn’t quite only 7. Long story short, 10 sleeps and she was in her parking spot.

Sleep had not been easy as it felt like Santa was coming, but day was perfect and sunny. As the morning warmed up, I felt so nervous waiting to hear the word that she was close to her new home. I finally had the call and headed to see her for the final leg.

Feeling like a new Mum, I watched with my heart pounding a little, as she was delivered and lowered onto her own piece of dirt. The skill of these guys who haul the tiny houses and then place them perfectly, is phenomenal.

Once I had the OK and the keys in my hand, I stepped inside Lil’ Pad and just breathed. She is as perfect as I planned and the view from my kitchen is incredible. This has been so long in the making that I almost can’t believe I will be living here soon.

The Rabbit Hole is where I am now, as I await my solar panels to be delivered, last minute water tanks to organise, and I still need to work out how to install the waterless toilet 🤔😳 and grey water system. I just want to live here right now but Alice is still in Wonderland.

I promise I won’t leave the next post too long, and I hope to have some action to report on or at least some tales to tell about how big the rabbit hole is. Speaking of rabbits…. Happy Easter 🐣

2 thoughts on “A Little bit like Alice down the Rabbit Hole ….

  1. Sherievon April 10, 2023 / 7:52 am

    Absolutely magic Deb – and such a great from your kitchen window as you planned – dying to know where this little pad is! Enjoy xxx


  2. mukiwiblog April 10, 2023 / 8:40 am

    Huge congrats! the hardest part is over and looking awesome hanging out for more exciting updates …


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