A Little bit like Alice down the Rabbit Hole ….

My last post said 7 sleeps! It wasn’t quite only 7. Long story short, 10 sleeps and she was in her parking spot.

Sleep had not been easy as it felt like Santa was coming, but day was perfect and sunny. As the morning warmed up, I felt so nervous waiting to hear the word that she was close to her new home. I finally had the call and headed to see her for the final leg.

Feeling like a new Mum, I watched with my heart pounding a little, as she was delivered and lowered onto her own piece of dirt. The skill of these guys who haul the tiny houses and then place them perfectly, is phenomenal.

Once I had the OK and the keys in my hand, I stepped inside Lil’ Pad and just breathed. She is as perfect as I planned and the view from my kitchen is incredible. This has been so long in the making that I almost can’t believe I will be living here soon.

The Rabbit Hole is where I am now, as I await my solar panels to be delivered, last minute water tanks to organise, and I still need to work out how to install the waterless toilet 🤔😳 and grey water system. I just want to live here right now but Alice is still in Wonderland.

I promise I won’t leave the next post too long, and I hope to have some action to report on or at least some tales to tell about how big the rabbit hole is. Speaking of rabbits…. Happy Easter 🐣

7 Sleeps!

One more week and Lil’ Pad will leave her place of construction at Cocoon Tiny Homes and settle into the beautiful glade we have called Ginger Grove.

I visited the factory for the last time today, and as I wandered around, I already felt like this was home. It was such a great feeling to see my colour choices, handle choices, tile choices, all compliment each other. Although I trust my own design, I wondered if it would all come together and it has ❤️

The next time I see her, she will be on the back of a truck, being gently deposited in my chosen spot. See you in a week 😊

So Close to Move in….

Lil’ Pad is almost done. It won’t be long and I will let you in to see the finished product.

I have another few photos for you. That kitchen splashback that I hinted at in the last update?? Blush pink subway tiles. Hey, it’s just me, and the cats, and they don’t mind pink, so I went for it.

I also went for something that the cats will love. A catwalk! The catwalk allows the cats to strut along three sides of the house (inside) at about 2m in the air, AND it doubles as storage for me, for books, keepsakes and photo frames. I love it and hope the cats appreciate my offer of a bit of excitement for them, as they will have to become mostly indoor cats to protect the birds where we are parking. In the works for them is also an outdoor catio, which my very handy Mum and Dad are making, and it is looking flash.

In the bathroom, I have stayed with classic white subway tiles as I have a rather colourful vanity which is the statement piece. In amongst the rather conservative subway tiles are four beautiful tiles that I bought in San Diego, and which to me represent my gorgeous regular travelling companions.

I love the stairs to the loft bedroom. They look so grand, just tiny grand haha.

In the loft bedroom, I have a stunning wallpaper as my headboard. It took a couple of hours at Resene to find just the right one and I love it. I felt a bit like Goldilocks choosing….that’s too dull, that’s got too small flowers, that hasn’t got enough pink, until I found “the one”. Speaking of Resene, the wall colour is Sauvignon.

The cladding is on and it looks amazing, New Denim Blue coloursteel with a contrast of White Palisade on the front wall, so smart, the classic blue and white never misses.

Hope you like the photos 🙂